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Lucky Luke Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

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646f9e108c Luke is having an affair with his brother's wife, Claudette. While at a hotel with her, Luke gets a call from his brother, Gala, to confront him about the situation.
The film Opens with scenic shots of a fancy beach hotel and hotel room. Luke and his brother's wife, Claudette, are having an affair like they have been for a while. After sex, Claudette, who is preening herself in the mirror, receives an email of Gala's impotency test results. Luke receives a call from his brother, Gala, to confront him about the affair. Luke gets up and leaves the room. Gala is waiting at the beach for Luke; Luke comes to Gala with remorse, regret and fear, while Gala has a smirk on his face. Luke tries to apologize to Gala while Gala intimidates him. Gala then asks "Did you at least intend to make her pregnant?" Luke swears that he always used protection. Gala claims to believe him and forgives Luke. Luke promises that they will get through this as a family. Gala opens his arms for a hug, while hugging, Gala stabs Luke and leaves him to die on the beach. Gala then walks to Claudette, who had witnessed the entire incident. Gala and Claudette kiss.

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